We produce and sell unique chemicals around the world

Aurora is the biggest supplier of chemicals to PubChem and ChemSpider

We at Aurora offer the largest database of chemicals in the world, just as Dr. Christopher Southan confirms in his review in ChemMedChem.
Aurora ensures our clients, clients just like you, get the world's chemicals in any quantity. We don't rest till you get what you need.
Don't take our word for it; just read this review by industry leader PubChem and ChemSpider.

Special Offer

25K Building Blocks set consist of 25,000 drug-like compounds, 50mg each. Set price $10,000. SD file is available for download.


Aurora seeks office chemists for our constantly expanding team. Realize your potential. Be a critical part of our professional growth. No frills necessary! Just share your CV here, with [email protected], or by fax to 858-549-4701.

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Aurora manufactures

Aurora manufactures and markets chemistry's what clients want: highly pure, unusual, and valuable chemicals.
We at Aurora began our work in 1990. What did success in 30+ years teach us? What keeps making us the industry stand out? We make it easy for you and challenging for us. We don't rest till the job gets done. That means we get you whatever you need rapidly of our one hundred million chemicals, accessible and, yes, in stock.
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