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Aurora's chemical library is a collection of stocked chemicals used in high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, common drug design as well as in chemical research.

Aurora offers approximately 100 million real and stocked compounds available online. Aurora's targeted library is a set of compounds with a high predictability in silico affinity for a given protein target. Focused libraries dramatically reduce the number of substances for experimental activity assessment and increase the number of active inhibitors found in the biological assays.

Our targeted libraries enjoy outstanding quality due to the high accuracy of docking and energy calculation. We offer this cutting-edge paradigm in molecular modeling because we employ quantum and molecular physics instead of basic statistical approaches.

  • Our hit rate for predicted strong inhibitors is approximately 50%. This means that about 50 compounds from a predicted 100 structures show activity in real bioassays.
  • Features of our focused compounds collection show the following advantages:
    • High Affinity
    • Compliance with Lipinski's drug-like parameters
    • High Selectivity
    • Low Toxicity
    • Patentability
  • Our database contains 100 million compounds available from stock.

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