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Office Chemist Junior

Position Title
Office Chemist Junior. No laboratory work. Starting with 4 hours job a day until full time employment.

Job Description:
1) Chemicals valuation using chemical structure, synthesis route and raw material costs as well as vendors' price collecting. In short "chemicals' appraiser".
2) Communication with customers and vendors
3) Writing shipping documents, packing and shipping chemicals
4) Any other work needed for proper office operation.

Qualifications Desired

Organic chemistry education. Quick learner capable to handle dozens of projects simultaneously and to respond to up to 50 emails per day. PERFECT ENGLISH IN WRITING AND SPEAKING.

Experienced chemical software and online services user as follows: ChemOffice, ISIS, MicrosoftOffice. Thunderbird and other common programs.

Description of Company
Founded in Austria in 1990, opened a branch office in the USA in 2008, Aurora became the biggest supplier of chemicals to Chemcat, PubChem and ChemSpider. Aurora manufactures and markets unusual and valuable chemicals of high purity for research and development.

Application Instructions
If you are tired of laboratory routine but still want to work using your chemical experience and skills, you are in the right place.

Please mail or fax your resume with a subject line "Office Chemist Junior" to [email protected]
Fax: 858-549-4701