We produce and sell unique chemicals around the world

About Us

Aurora Fine Chemicals is a privately held company that was founded in 1990. As a chemicals R&D supplier we are offering chemicals for R&D, drug discovery service, compound libraries and custom synthesis.

What makes us different:

  • One of the largest collections of 100 mln. chemicals available in stock
  • Our docking software delivers hits/leads of very high quality in short time

Aurora compounds are cited in highly impact scientific journals

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Our partners and customers

we cooperate with organizations and companies, including NIH/NIAID, universities, pharma companies of different size from Pfizer and Merck till small startups. Our customers come from research and development labs, the chemical industry, and hospitals. We also take part in drug discovery projects:
Eli Lilly Award 2015
Eli Lilly Award 2016
Eli Lilly Award 2017
Eli Lilly Award 2018

Among our customers are hundreds of pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical companies in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Our staff consists of highly qualified individuals with Bsc, Msc and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry, as well as excellent laboratory technicians. In our Molecular Modeling Group are professionals specializing in computational drug design. The power of the molecular modeling cannot be realized without experienced synthetic chemists. They possess many years experience of working in the chemistry of heterocycles, carbohydrates, nucleosides and elemental organic compounds. Aurora has significant expertise in synthesis of all types R&D chemicals for drug discovery like small molecules, natural products and peptides. Parallel synthesis with well-designed, targeted and fragment-based libraries is the favored approach to lead optimization. Rational design is the strategy for projects driven by structural biology, such as enzyme inhibitors or protein interactions.

Laboratory Equipment

Several laboratories for synthesis with modern equipment such as reactors, autoclaves, thermostats and hydrogenation equipment are available.


Intermediates and final products are analyzed by GC, HPLC, IR, NMR, MS, elemental analysis, atom-absorption analysis and crystallographical methods.

Our Library

We own a large library of 100 million stocked compounds for R&D. Our substances are used in many research labs all over the world. Aurora Fine Chemicals offers structures for biochemical and chemical research. Our products are applied in pharmaceutical development, diagnosis, and in chemical production.

Our Software

The main advantage of Aurora's own software is the quality of the underlying physical models. Aurora's software derives molecular properties from first principles based on direct models using advanced quantum mechanical analysis of molecular interactions and thermodynamics.