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Drug Discovery Services

Aurora is a drug discovery company that offers the drug development services based on cheminformatics - computer aided drug design (structure based drug design or in silico drug designing. This includes docking molecular, drug target identification, drug discovery screening - small molecule screening, library screening, ion channel screening - fragment based drug design, ligand based drug design, ligand protein binding, protein ligand docking calculation and prediction, drug profiling, lead identification, lead compound identification and lead optimization.

Aurora's own facilities in the US and in Austria make most compound designs, chemistry library, screening library, and testing compounds. Our subcontractors in North America and Europe may perform medicinal chemistry, meaning potential drug discovery outsourcing.

Almost a thousand biotech companies in the USA are pursuing anticancer drug discovery projects, of which over half are concentrated on cancer drug development and cancer treatment. Aurora is offering the researchers drug-like lead compounds, chemical compound libraries including screening compounds: small molecules, natural compounds as well as diversity libraries, custom libraries, e.g. angiogenesis inhibitors, gpcr library, kinase libraries, and kinase inhibitor libraries.

Aurora's rational drug design supports scientists with both conventional anticancer drug development on tumor regression and with drug discovery processes - identifying new agents and evaluation as drug candidates.

An important element of Aurora's antibacterial drug discovery service is in silico drug design of molecularly targeted fine chemicals, small molecule drugs, screening compounds, common compound libraries, diverse chemical compound libraries, fragment compound libraries, and screening libraries.

Aurora Fine Chemicals offers the following drug discovery services that will benefit your projects:

Chemical Compound Libraries

Hit Identification Service

Hit-to-lead and lead optimization services

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