We produce and sell unique chemicals around the world

Ordering Instructions

Aurora offers and sells research chemicals for laboratory use to legal entities only

Aurora doesn't sell chemicals to individuals. Aurora doesn't sell chemicals from a list of prohibited products as follows: controlled substances, illegal and potentially illegal products and services, prescription drugs, unapproved drugs, pharmaceuticals and pseudo-pharmaceuticals (anti-aging pills, sex nutrients, etc.), medical marijuana and marijuana products and ingredients, cannabis products and ingredients, drug paraphernalia.

How to order from the Aurora Fine Chemicals

Customers' inquiries are welcome via e-mail and they are answered within 12 - 24 hours. Orders are accepted only in writing, preferable via e-mail.

How to order a custom synthesis

The customers need to provide us with desired structure(s) and amount(s). If necessary a secrecy agreement is signed in advance. Our offers including prices and delivery times are available within 48 hours. Along with the ordered compound a synthesis protocol including analytical data and reports can be delivered on demand.

The customer obtains an intermediate report biweekly. Aurora's success rate is about 85%. This means, if customer order is accepted, the probability that the customer will obtain the ordered substances during the promised period of time, is 85%.

How to order a custom research

The main procedure is similar to that described above. The difference is that there's no guarantee a final product will be available. All synthesized intermediates, minor and undesired compounds along with the synthesis records and analysis data will be delivered instead.

Terms of Business

Conditions of sale and quotations

In our catalog there are given no prices. The current quotations can be obtained via our contact page. Offers will be returned within 12-24 hours to the customer. The validity of our offers is net 10 days.


All chemicals are typically >92% for screening compounds and >97% for building blocks. The structure and purity is confirmed by NMR and LC-MS.

We do not accept return of chemicals where the customer imposes his own quality parameters, unless these have been stipulated on the original order and agreed in writing by Aurora Fine Chemicals.


Non-delivery or unacceptability of goods must be notified within 21 days of date of invoice, otherwise the invoice will be deemed to be payable in full.

The delivered goods can be returned if the customer gets Aurora's approval in writing. Return of the compounds without approval is unacceptable and doesn't make the customer free of obligation to pay.


Payment terms are net 30 days from receipt of our invoice. Any overdue payments will be liable to a surcharge of 20% per month, to accrue on a daily basis.

Purchase Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fee within first 2 hours after a receipt of your purchase order (PO) is 7.5% of your PO amount. Cancellation fee within 24 hours after your PO is 15% of PO amount. If you cancel your PO later than 24 hours after your order you have to pay the full PO amount.

Acceptance of conditions

The placing of a purchase order implies the acceptance of these conditions.